Power Flushing

Is your central heating showing signs of the following?

  • ​Cold spots on the radiators

  • Radiators cold at the top

  • Radiators cold at the bottom

  • Blocked pipes and valves due to sludge and/or limescale

  • Banging noises from the Boiler

  • Noisy pipes due to restrictions in flow

  • Boiler cutting out due to blocked or damaged pump

Home Gas Supplies' highly efficient PowerFlushing equipment can circulate your entire heating system in your house with chemical descaler and inhibitor rapidly within a few hours. The pressurised pumping water which is forced through all the trickiest parts of your radiators in

your house; will result in a smooth and anti-clogged up heating system for yourselves. The prices include cleaner and inhibitor, they are fixed and there are no hidden costs.


Price of System Powerflush = £240.00 inc. VATplus one of the following:

Central heating system with up to 7 radiators =  £4.20 per radiator

Central heating system with 8 or more radiators = £8.40 per radiator


We can also install a magnetic filter on your system before we complete the work at a discounted rate which will take care of your system throughout the year working with the inhibitor to prevent sludge and magnetic material build up. The Magnetic filter can be serviced at the same time as your boiler each year to ensure optimal working performance.


Supply & install Magnetic filter whilst Powerflushing £120.00 inc. VAT


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