Landlord Gas Safety- CP12 Certificates

  Let Home Gas Supplies assist you to fulfill your Landlord’s legal duty to ensure that your tenants are safe when it comes to Gas Safety. 


All our fitters are Gas Safe registered, fully insured, experienced and qualified to City & Guide Standards. We have fitters qualified and experienced in Natural Gas and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG).


What is required of you as a Landlord?

Gas Pipework, Flues and Appliances must be in a safe condition and any repairs or maintenance must be carried out when necessary. 

What we do on a Landlord Safety Check (LLSC- CP12)


What we do on a Landlord Safety Check (LLSC -CP12):

  • Pipework is inspected to look for visual faults in the gas pipework.
  • A tightness test carried out to make sure there are no gas leaks.
  • The testing of the appliances may include stripping down of appliance to inspect the condition
  • A gas rating is taken
  • Checking the correct operating pressures to the appliance,
  • Using a flue gas analyser to test exhaust gases.
  • Check if ventilation is adequate for the appliance
  • Checking the flue condition.

Please Note:

  • A Landlord gas certificate can only be carried out by a gas safe registered company to ensure safe operation of all gas appliances in the property.
  • a LLSC does not include for servicing of the appliance

2021 Prices

Landlords Certificates

Price inc. VAT

Landlord certificate cost (not including service)


Extra per appliance cost added for each landlord cert


Servicing, Inspection & Maintenance (discounted prices for work booked for the same visit)

Price inc. VAT

Gas appliance service (no parts included) Price when done in the same visit as a LLSC- CP12


Gas appliance service (including Boiler seal pack replacement charge) advised by manufacturer on a bi-annual basis


Service per ADDITIONAL Gas appliance OR UV hot water cylinder service cost (exc. materials) inc. domestic vessels tested & I recharged if required when completed in the same visit.


Service of a Gas fire & Back Boiler Unit.


Please note:
  • I need to make you aware of the following:

    Home Gas Supplies offers appointments at a fixed price inclusive of VAT, the price is dependent on the geographical location. Should parts be required then the appointment will be reclassified as a breakdown and the associated breakdown price will be charged.

  • Discounts can be arranged for Multiple bookings, please call for prices.


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